Wood Inlay Knife Set

From the outback newbie to the survival hero, this knife is the perfect gift for the men in your bridal party.

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Our elegant wood inlay knife set is an exquisite gift to give to any member of your bridal or groomsman's party. The lovely set comes with three practical knives that can be used for different purposes. The large knife measures 19.69cm (doesn't close), and can be used to cut everything from hard cheeses on a picnic to tough fishing line. The two smaller knives fold. One measures 15.88cm when open and features two blades. The first blade is very pointy and the second has a more rounded tip. The second smaller folding knife features a single strong blade that you simply have to pull open and push closed. It measures 15.24cm when open. Each knife has a lovely black wooden inlayed handle and the large knife can be personalised. The set comes ready to give in an elegant black gift box.


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