Vintage 21st Birthday Guest Book

With its rustic design and perfect combination of construction elements, this Birthday Guest Book is perfect for any vintage inspired 21st Birthday party.

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Perfect for the 'old soul', the Vintage 21st Birthday Guest Book is a timeless piece. It features hand-drawn keys overlaying prints of old letters to give it a real vintage feel.Made from canvas and wood, this special book is bound together with three sturdy metal ring binders, making it a stunningly engineered piece with a rustic twist, perfect for any vintage inspired birthday party. 

The 36 internal pages consist of 12 blank pages for the addition of photographs and detailed person message from family and friends, and 24 perfect for each guest leave a small message, comment or thought for the birthday girl or boy. It truly is a lovely keepsake of the irreplacable memories and moment you make at your 21st birthday party.