Hearts Single Use Camera

With its quirky heart design, the Fujifilm disposable 24-exposure camera is a perfect way to capture the your special moments with love.

19.90 AUD
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Don't let those candid photo opportunities pass up at your special occasion. The Hearts Single Use Camera is a Fujifilm disposable 24-exposure camera is a perfect way for you and your guests to capture those special and unique moments and memories that are often missed. Its quirky heart design makes it a perfect way to inject some love into your wedding.

The camera contains an in built flash with a range of 3.5 metres, and comes with  24 exposure 200 ISO colour film perfect for adding some fun to both indoor and outdoor events.

Available as a single unit, or can be purchased in bulk lots of 20 or 50 for a reduced price (10% and 20% saving respectively).

This camera is available in a White and Silver design (see product picture) and an Ivory and Gold design (see below). Select colour at checkout.

Please Note: the shape of the camera may vary slightly from the image shown and the camera shells may be recycled resulting in the paper wrapping being slightly different from shown image.