Five Classic Entertainment & Catering Options For Your Wedding Reception

Some classic ideas for weddings deserve to live on. Here we’ve listed five additions to your wedding reception that are sure to add a distinct look and feel, and ensure that yours will be a wedding that will live on in the minds of all those who attend.

Five Classic Entertainment & Catering Options For Your Wedding Reception

Classic wedding Entertainment & Catering ideas

If you are looking for some wedding entertainment and catering options that match your classic or romantic theme, you have come to the right place. Below are five classic wedding entertainment & catering ideas for your wedding reception to truly make unforgettable memories.


Whiskey & Cigar Bar

Looking for a more regal feel to your wedding festivities? Why not try a whisky bar, offering tasters and samples of a selection of fine whiskeys from Scotland and beyond.

For a further sophisticated touch, try including a cigar bar, complete with vintage boxes and accessories, where your guests can relax and converse in true gentlemanly fashion. Hire a tobacco and/or whiskey connoisseur to assist guest with their pairings.


Old-school Ice Cream Cart or Popcorn Stand

If you know there will be children and families at your wedding, an ice cream or popcorn stall can be a failsafe way to entertain and delight.

A popcorn stand is always a winner, providing yourguests with their favourite salty treat.


When it comes to ice cream, elect to use an old-timey ice cream cart instead of a modern ice cream truck - for a more vintage feel. Vintage Ice Cream Cart is a locally-based company serving gourmet ice cream and gelato.

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A Capella Musical Act

Bring your wedding to life with the energetic fervour of singing waiters, the suave crooning of a barbershop quartet or the ethereal sound of a children’s choir.

Adding an element of live music is sure to inject life into your special day, and with many companies happy to work from a custom assortment of songs, you’ll be able to personally select a playlist, sit back and enjoy the soundtrack to your perfect day.


Horse-drawn carriage

Are you or your guests animal lovers? A horse-drawn carriage offers a more classic take on wedding entertainment.

Children and adults alike can enjoy rides on the carriage during your reception - after you’ve made your grand entrance, of course. Drayhorse Shires specialises in providing horses and a number of types of carriages, ensuring you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Photo Booth

A photo Booth is an absolute essential for a wedding reception, allowing your guests to capture the special moments of your wedding in a fun, creative way, leaving them with vivid memories of your special day.

In the past, many of the couples that have wed here in South East QLD have chosen Get Photo Boothed, a Gold Coast-based company specialising in photo booth hire for events and special occasions.




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