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Sometimes you just want your wedding to stand out from the rest. Entertainment is an important way of making your special day unforgettable. This article gives 10 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests and make your wedding the talk of the town.

10 Ways to Entertain Your Guest at Wedding  - Get Photo Boothed

Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Everybody wants a nice wedding, but everybody also wants a unique wedding. How can you find a balance between novelty and nicety?

Well, the best way to start is by considering your choice of entertainment. Where many weddings will share the same formats and sequences, you can spice things up by introducing exciting and unusual activities.

This article will detail 10 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests and make sure your wedding is truly an unforgettable experience.


1. Wine, Champagne or Liquor Tasting

Have a wine, champagne or liquor tasting during your cocktail hour, complete with a professional to take your guests through a flavour experience.

Go for the fragrant wine tasting to match the winery background of your wedding, or if you are more of a whiskey lover have a whiskey tasting complete with a whiskey connoisseur to take you and all your guests on a flavour journey.


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2. Hire a magician

Add a little magic to your reception and keep your guests in suspense with the help of a wedding warlock, dabbling in shock, awe and delight for the amusement of your friends and family. With many types of magicians available, select the one that most appeals to you, whether they are an illusionist, card trick master, or have themed tricks to match your day.



3. Disposable Cameras

Leave a disposable camera out for everybody on each of the reception tables so that guests can capture memories of your event for posterity. Find some in the "Shop" tab of our website menu, or by clicking here:



4. Bouncy Castle

Install a bouncy castle at your garden wedding reception. People of all ages can and should let loose and get back to their wild side. With many different themes, slides, and other inflatable fun, there will be one perfect to fit most wedding themes for those with a fun side. For a party leaps and bounds above the rest. 

Checkout our friends at www.thefunteam.com.au for your bouncy castle hire!


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5.  Wedding DJ

Hire a wedding DJ to really get the party started! You can get them to create custom playlists, or they will make sure your guests groove the night away.

Fruit Bat Mobile Music are a local DJ duo that has been making a name for themselves on the local wedding music scene. If you would like to get in touch visit them at http://www.fruitbatmobilemusic.com/.

10 ways to wow your wedding guests



6. Set-up an after dinner coffee bar

Whether at the cocktail hour for those who cannot drink, or as a delicious after dinner treat pairing with dessert, a coffee bar at your wedding is perfect for all those caffeine lovers.

You can even provide hot chocolate and tea for those who don’t drink coffee as well as an assortment of toppings and flavourings to delight your guests.


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7. Live Entertainment

Hire some live entertainment. Whether a wedding band, acapella group, or soloist, you can handpick and curate the musical experience which you and your guests will enjoy to celebrate your special day.

10 ways to wow your wedding guests


 8. Unique guest books

Gone are the days when you could only have a book full of signatures to remember your guests by. Have guests sign pieces of a jigsaw, write messages on the back of photos to place in a box, or give each table some paper to later collate into a wedding binder.

There are so many unique ways to remember your wedding guests so look around for one that appeals to you.

Check out the shop pages of our website, or click on the following link: https://www.getphotoboothed.com.au/shop/category/wish-boxes-containers-and-cards/ to find some unique takes on the classic guest book


9. Fireworks

Round off your night with a bang by herding your guests to watch a fireworks show, complete with all the colours of your wedding.



10. Photo booth

With smiles, silly hats, fun hairpieces and other accessories, jump into a photo booth and capture all the joy of your evening.

There are many options available and varieties of booths, from classic booths to inflatable ones that light up, so there's certain to be one perfectly matched to your wedding.

Get Photo Boothed offers a variety of coloured backgrounds, optional fairy lights and the chance to have a guest book crafted just for you – with optional double printing of strips you can have guests place one strip in a wedding guest book and write you a note while keeping the other as a memento.

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