Premium Fully Enclosed & Open Air Photo Booth Hire

Why Choose Us For Your Photo Booth Hire?

Our Range Of Photos Booths Help You Add Entertainment And Joy To Your Event, And Capture Memories For Yourself And Your Guests. We train our staff to interact & engage with your guests, ensuring you get maximum photo booth usage. All packages include Unlimited Photos & Double Prints!

Having our photo booth at your event will increase enjoyment and engagement with your guests, leaving quality, lasting memories.

All booths feature Canon Digital SLR cameras, and top of the line photo printers. 

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Fully enclosed photo booths

Fit 8-10 people into a private, fully encosed photo booth! Enclosed booths are perfect for weddings, birthday parties and formal events.

These booths have a unique design, and are all custom built - no other photo booth company will be able to provide a booth that looks as elegant, and fits right into even the classiest of venues.

Your guests can enter the fully enclosed booth via a curtain covered doorway on either side, allowing us to setup in almost any position in your chosen venue.


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open photo booths

Open photo booths are the perfect solution for corporate events, or when you really want to jazz things up with Green Screen and Animated GIF backgrounds!

With the same Canon Digital SLR camera equipment and easy touch-screen operation, our open booths can be setup in front of any backdrop including fully branded backdrops to increase your business exposure. 

Open booths can also be fun at weddings and parties. Choose a sequin backdrop, or our large inflatable wall with multi-colour LED lighting!


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fun props

We bring a great range of different props along to every event - Hats, wigs, masks, glasses, signs, toys and more! 

Digital Photo Backups

All photos are backed up digitally, and can be accessed for download & use on social media after your event, or printing & enlargement.

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How Do our photo booths work?

Each time you enter a photo booth, 3 x photos will be taken. You get a live preview of each shot, giving you time to perfect your pose for each photo. After the 3 photos have been taken, you will instantly receive 2 x printed copies  on a customised background!

Watch the video below to see one of our unique, fully enclosed photo booths in action at a recent event!



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